The Wagon of Revolution

Behold the Wagon of Revolution (W.O.R.) one of eight planned wagons equipped with generators and sound systems to be utilized in the (fiercely) independent Minnesota gubernatorial campaign of James Everett. The one he's got now he hauls around, presumably in his graffiti-covered van, to parts of his native North Minneapolis, hosting rappers and hip-hop dancers, attracting attention of passersby, and talking politics with neighbors. A veteran Get Out the Vote strategist (he says his Subzero Collective is featured in the book How to Get Stupid White Men Out of Office), he claims a team of 400 youth are working on his campaign (yesterday, 50 of them were hitting the pavement on behalf of Congressional candidate and northside resident Keith Ellison). As we talked, shouting over the blaring sonic mixture of rap and combustion, he turned to turn off the generator, and with it what he calls the Boombox 3000. See the Wagon of Revolution in action in a video on Everett's site.

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