Minnesota Monitor.

The near-schizophrenic content of Eyeteeth of late--from local politics to one-hit images of art and oddities to Thai coup-news--and the shortage of posts in recent weeks is due to my newest blogging gig. I'm a fellow at the Center for Independent Media, a DC-based nonprofit that's behind the New Journalist Pilot Program. With the goal of strengthening the progressive blogosphere, the organization is paying bloggers in Minnesota and Colorado to do investigative blogging on issues of local concern. With excellent mentors and a talented crew of bloggers, Minnesota Monitor is up and running and going strong. Occasionally, I'll post my writings from the site here, but if you want to read each and every word, click here.

This morning's offerings: critiques of political ads by the Democrat-Farmer-Laborer Party and Democratic gubernatorial candidate Mike Hatch.

Thanks for reading, and do stop by MNMON and leave me a comment.

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