Coup liveblogging.

Thai blogs set up solely to liveblog the coup:

19 September (English)

revolution.blogrevo (Thai)

Global Voices Online has more.

Other perspectives:
Cowboy Caleb in Pattaya offers a chronology.
Metroblogging Bangkok
Bangkok Pundit

[Image: Note the tuk-tuks to the left of the tank!]


miserychick said...

this forum also has a pretty good coverage, regularly update:


Paul Schmelzer said...

Thanks. Thai-blogs.com also has a forum that's been pretty active.

BTW, Mok's been hearing contradictory stories about Thaksin's whereabouts from the Thai media: first, it was rumored he called his cabinet to Singapore to regroup (suggesting he would not go quietly), but now I hear he's in London with his family and won't be returning to Thailand. Haven't had much time to verify facts online yet...