WMDs found!

An 8 ft. diameter, 71 ft. long, missile-shaped structure dubbed WMD (Winged Mobile Domecile) was built in 2004 on the modified foundation of a mobile home trailer. Complete with vinyl siding and brass-plated lamps, the vehicle--which is designed to look like a Peacekeeper MX missile--was a project of college students, led by artist Mel Chin, to come up with a way to distribute food, clothing, and educational materials to those in need. The project converts the much-touted spectre of WMDs into a "warehouse of mass distribution," and for a pricetag far less than the $70 million apiece MX pricetag: it was built by East Tennessee State University students for $50 plus additional donations. Metaphorically, this WMD addresses a range of issues "from nomadic, American lifestyle to space travel, from military defense budgets to rural poverty. It combines the concerns of the most serious threat to national security and celebrates the distinct and original nature of American humor and invention."


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