Rightroots: Mired in misery.

Thomas Fuchs' reconfigured GOP logos have some unintended competition--from the rightwing blogosphere. Trying to build a netroots of its own, the right launches its new effort with this logo, which turns the already less-than-nimble GOP elephant into an even less dextrous, root-footed creature:

I get the intended metaphor, but it's even easier to see an alternative one: If you thought the party that led us into unending war and a record-breaking deficit can't change... you're right.

"Rightroots: Rooted in the same-old same-old."

Or maybe you've got a better tagline?


Anonymous said...

Rightroots: Immobilized by Compassion

Rightroots: Rooted in Regression

Rightroots: Grasping, Ossified, Puerile

Rightroots: It's Alive!

Rightroots: We Need to Wash Our Feet

Unknown said...

those things comin' out my feets is death vines.

Paul Schmelzer said...

A complete guide to elephant foot care.

via Pinkmoose (who should really get an RSS feed).

Anonymous said...

Looks like rivulets of blood to me.

Rightroots: Gushin' Olloverthe Place (GOP)

FaulknA said...

Rightroots: Out of Sight, Out of Mind

Anonymous said...

Rightroots: Simply Entrenched
Rightroots: Quagmire Anthropomorphized