Michele Bachmann: Harriet Miers on steroids

Harriet Miers' giddy praise for George Bush--"You're the best governor ever!"--sounds positively dignified compared to Sixth Congressional District candidate Michele Bachmamn's gushing diary of her ride to a custard stand in the presidential limo this week. "Little did we know what a treat it would be for us, literally," she says of her shared dessert with the president, Gov. Tim Pawlenty, Sen. Norm Coleman and Karl Rove. If there's any question whether Bachmann is distancing herself, like other Republicans, from an unpopular president, let this be your proof. Excerpts:
"I could not believe I was discussing what flavor of custard to order with the President of the United States!"

"...President Bush was so incredibly engaging with the servers. He actually stuck half of his body through the order window and asked, "Can anybody get some custard here."

"I was struck by the humility he has towards his role as President of the United States."

"Always the mom, I thought, we need napkins. I asked the President if he had a napkin and he said no. So, I had to quickly grab napkins. I cannot imagine dripping custard in the Presidential limousine."
Omigod, I wonder if Bachmann will be able to resist the presidents' charms and think, like, independently if elected.

Minnesota Monitor has more.

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Noah said...

Jason Lewis on KTLK last night basically "outed" Bachmann as the only true conservative in the MN, perhaps nation-wide!