I'm home sick today, so instead of real blogging, I'll just do a link-dump:

Fake bazookas save woman: Doctors for an Israeli woman say she would've died when hit by shrapnel from a Hezbollah rocket-propelled grenade if it weren't for--wait for it--her silicone breast implants.

Support our oops: In a real support-our-troops moment, Laura Bush is stumping for a far-right candidate opposing a double-amputee Iraq vet in an Illinois state Senate race.

"The real world of Virginia": The Washington Post slams Virginia Republican Sen. George Allen for calling an Indian-American student--the only non-white at a Republican rally, a Fairfax-county-born Virginian, and a videographer for Allen's opponent--"macaca, or whatever his name is." Macaca is a genus of monkey. Allen, who has 2008 presidential aspirations, had a fondness for the Confederate flag as a kid and opposed his state's efforts to make MLK Day a public holiday, the Post reports.

Cole on Iran war: Middle East expert Juan Cole writes that "Any US attack on Iran could well lead to the US and British troops in Iraq being cut off from fuel and massacred by enraged Shiites... Without fuel, US troops would be sitting ducks for rocket and mortar attacks that US air power could not hope completely to stop... A pan-Islamic alliance of furious Shiites and Sunni guerrillas might well be the result, spelling the decisive end of Americastan in Iraq.


Mr. Macaca said...

Watch the video! Sen. Allen's comments were unbelievable. Reminded me of being a "Jungle Bunny" in third grade.

In any case, I made up some funny t-shirts and other stuff to celebrate the end of Allen's campaign. Thought you might want to check it out.

I'm donating 30% of the profit to Allen's competitor, Democratic candidate Jim Webb.


Anonymous said...

This parasite above has stolen my ideas from day one. He's most likely a Republican.

The REAL Macaca shop, the first one -- which you can see by the name I got and he did not -- is at: