Lured: A fishing-inspired street-art proposal

I suppose I should concede this is good advertising because seeing this billboard on Interstate 394 west of Minneapolis, I wondered what the hell I was seeing--and actually stopped my car to take a friggin' picture. Like the "traveling gnome" prank featured in the movie Amelie, I'd hoped this was a guerilla intervention--some absurdist street artist commenting on the utter banality of adverting by sneaking a pile of plastic yard cats (some of which look like tiny dogs, Shiba Inus or something) onto a billboard. Or at least, maybe the billboard company forgot to take down the cheesy plastic animals from the veterinary clinic ad that was there before.

But it's not. It's a plain-old ad campaign for lures so good, apparently, fish-loving cats trust their effectiveness. Damn.

Still, we've got to take our inspiration where we find it. If anyone out there knows of (or wants to create) this kind of plasticky, absurdist commentary, send me your photos.

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