Final PUSH post?

PUSH concluded yesterday with some truly remarkable presentations, which I'd like to draw your attention to:

• Ze Frank's hilarious and insightful talk on the social networking revolution: everything from Atheist videogames to "The Long Tail." Favorite quote: "People have favorite fonts. That's totally freakin' weird! That people know Verdana should scare the shit out of you.”

• A performance by Ethel violinist Todd Reynolds accompanied by the sound-reactive graphical projection by Luke DuBois. Favorite coined phrase (by DuBois, speaking about his project Play, which shows every Playboy Playmate over 50 years in 50 seconds–”with their eyes centered”): “time-lapse pornography.”

• I didn't blog on Cameron Sinclair's talk (yet), but y'all know about him already, no?

Back to normal blogging soon...

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