Free Republic: PEACE rally is "hate parade"

Last night, the PEACE Foundation held a rally here in North Minneapolis: 1500 people linked hands the length of 26th Avenue, one of the roughest streets in this very poor, mostly black neighborhood, as a symbol of solidarity and a commitment to nonviolence. As the rally was going on, a kid was shot in the back a block away.

How do the rightwingers at the Free Republic interpret this sad story? As a "hate rally." Assuming such a gathering must be an antiwar rally, one commenter wrote:
There haven't been any "Peace Rallies" in this country in years.

They're all "Hate Parades" for people smart enough to walk but too stupid to bath [sic].
Others joked that the victim, a 16-year old boy, must've been carrying a "God Bless Our Troops" sign. PEACE stands for Public Engagement and Community Empowerment and is dedicated to curbing the violence in this neighborhood that claims a life nearly every other week.

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