Save the Internet

Up until now, "net neutrality" has been the Internet's First Amendment, allowing a relatively level playing field for everyone with access. If we use the tired "information superhighway" metaphor, net neutrality means that the roads remain open to everyone, whether they drive a rustbucket or a tricked out Hummer, and they can drive wherever they'd like. But no laws exist to protect this neutrality, and corporate entities are interested in being gatekeepers of internet content. Some ISP's want to give preference to their advertisers on internet search engines, prevent certain sites from loading, and give priority access to content they deem most worthy (or profitable). As Congress sets out to revamp the Telecommunications Act, the just-launched site SaveTheInternet.com is ground zero for efforts to secure a free internet, with ways to take action, learn more, and spread the word.

Via BoingBoing.

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