An Inconvenient Truth

"Ten of the hottest years on record have occurred within the last 14 years," and the hottest of all occurred in 2005. So begins the trailer for Al Gore's new documentary, An Inconvenient Truth, about the mounting threat of global warning. "This is not so much a political issue as it is a moral issue," says Gore. He cites rising temperatures that lead to killer, Katrina-style storms, and melting icecaps that threaten to submerge parts of Manhattan. Sound hyperbolic? Consider:

Kilamanjaro 30 years ago:
Kilamanjaro last year:

"Is it possible," asks Gore, "that we should prepare for other threats besides terrorists?"

Watch the trailer, then see the movie.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Paul, I've been enjoying reading your blog for some time. I was on Kili last year and indeed, it is really obvious how much global warming is doing to the glacier up top. Compared to pictures I saw from even 5 years ago, there has been marked recession in its size. Keep up the great entries. I really enjoy your blog, and find it very insightful.