So much going on,

and me so light-headed from hunger. So, the brief version:

Any port in a storm?
New evidence suggests key agencies in the United Arab Emirates--yes, of US port fame--have been infiltrated by al-Qaeda, specifically "security, censorship, and monetary agencies."

Fox's dissociative disorder: Fox, a network that is pondering the "upside" to civil war in Iraq, also wonders if the whole thing was "made up by the media."

States agree, Bush broke law: There's not a single state in America where a majority of people believe Bush obeyed the law when OKing warrantless wiretapping of citizens.

Jeb's crony payback? Rep. Henry Waxman is asking Jeb Bush why Florida-based Carnival Cruise Lines received a $236 million federal contract to house Katrina victims without a competitive bidding process. A Carnival exec who suggested empty ships be used for housing also donated $65,000 to the Florida GOP in 2002 and $50,00 to the RNC in 2004.

Support our oops: According to a Zogby poll reported on by Stars & Stripes, 72 percent of US troops in Iraq think we should withdraw within the year.

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