Choose life?

A Nashville judge has overturned a lower court decision that determined Tennessee's "Choose Life" license plates illegally promoted just one side of the abortion debate. As with other states that have such plates, part of the proceeds for the increased-price plates go to anti-abortion agencies. But how do Tennessee and other states who oppose abortion on license plates support kids after they're born?

Apparently, Tennessee isn't the best place to raise a child. Only two states ranked worse in a recent ranking of healthiest states, Louisiana and Mississippi, two of the 12 states that already have the plates. Tennessee ranks 15th for poverty (13.8% according to the Census Bureau in 2003), and has the third highest rates of infant mortality in America. Kentucky--ranking fifth in poverty standings and 42nd most healthy--has just OK'd production of "Choose Life" plates of its own.

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Tamara said...

Gives credence to the expression that a right-to-lifer is someone who believes life begins at conception and ends at birth.