Tarp couture

After hurricane Katrina, the blue tarp has become ubiquitous in New Orleans: it covers woodpiles and serves as a makeshift roof; it shrouds pickup truck loads of debris and boxes in the garage. And now blue tarps are finding their way into fashion runways and Mardi Gras parades:
Some of the Mardi Gras parade clubs have used blue tarp symbolically in this year's floats. (The Krewe of Mid-City hemmed all its floats in it.) A wetlands-preservation benefit at Antoine's restaurant last week featured a blue tarp fashion show, with outfits made by local artists. According to the Times-Picayune, one model "took a turn in her own frock, swishing back and forth in the season's hottest look, a five-tiered tutu and matching corset in the fabric du jour: blue tarp.
The Washington Post has more.

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