From DataIsNature:
Translator II: Grower is a simple robot vehicle that navigates the edges of a room drawing lines of grass on the walls corresponding to the levels of carbon dioxide in the air. A remote carbon dioxide sensor tells the robot how much C02 is in the environment every few seconds, the height of the drawn grass is dramatically affected by the amount of people in the room as a result of their C02 output.

‘The metaphoric relation is that grass needs CO2 in nature to grow. Here, my simulated grass needs the breath of human visitors in order to thrive. The height of the ‘grass’ directly reflects on the human activity or traffic in the space. The more people that visit that space, the more amenable that space is to my machine’s ability to create. The relationship between Translator II: Grower, the space, and the public becomes a cross-metabolic one. This piece makes visible how art institutions depend on their visitors to make them ‘healthy’ spaces for new art to evolve and flourish within.'

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Bob Balfe said...

I wonder if the robot sees differences between a room full of men and a room full of women.