Crude art.

Iraqi Crude Oil in the Form of Democracy, Andrei Molodkin, 2005

Iraqi Crude Oil in the Form of Blessing Hand, Andrei Molodkin, 2004:
The cold whiteness of marble is replaced with the black instantly inflammable liquid. The solid is replaced with the flexible. The inorganic is replaced with the organic. The safe and secure is replaced with the fire-hazardous. The names of ancient gods are replaced with oil indexes. Our Heritage is measured in Barrels.

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Lian said...

i like both of these pieces of art. I think it is so true now that our lives are driven and controlled by our need and consumption for oil.
Our dependancy on this oil, which is now increasing in price, but decreasing in existance, just shows how we as humans depand highly on sources like this, and try to squeeze every last drop, but will do nothing in terms of proctecting our selves from the guaranteed extinction of this non-renewable source of energy. As we use up and drain our resources we are not prepared to create alternative options, that will save us, save democracy, and save our needs for such a political fuel.