Bush by the numbers

34: Percentage of Americans who now approve of the president.

18: Percentage of Americans who view Dick Cheney favorably.

1300: Number of Iraqis killed last week in sectarian violence

400: Approximate number the military and media had previously reported were killed.

244: Number, in billions of dollars, the war in Iraq has cost so far.

50: Number, in billions of dollars, Donald Rumsfeld in 2003 said the war would cost.

72.4: Number of dollars, in billions, the Bush administration is requesting in additional "emergency supplemental funding" for the Iraq war.

39: Percentage of Americans today who think we're winning the war on terrorism.

44: Percentage of Americans in January who thought we were winning the war on terrorism.

60: Percentage of the 41,856 people around the world polled by BBC who think that the war in Iraq has "increased the likelihood of terrorist attacks worldwide."

14.5: Averange length of stay, in months, of the approximately 500 prisoners kept in wire cages at Bagram Air Base , without any legal representation or ability to challenge their detention, in conditions described as "more bleak" than Guantanamo.

50: Number of US governors who signed a letter to Bush saying his planned cuts to the National Guard would hurt states' preparedness.

28: Number of state governors who are Republicans.

2087: Number of U.S. military personnel killed in Iraq since Bush challenged insurgents there, saying "Bring 'em on."

2294: Total number of US fatalities in Iraq.

60: Percentage of the 2004 vote that went to Bush in Wisconsin's conservative Walworth County, where Democrats are officially calling for the president's impeachment.

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