US kidnappers: Isn't kidnapping wives of suspected Iraqi insurgents by the US Army as shitty as the kidnapping of Christian Science Monitor reporter Jill Carroll?

ABC reporter injured in Iraq: Bob Woodruff and ABC cameraman Doug Vogt received serious head injuries when an IED exploded near them in Iraq.

Contradictions by the commander-in-chief: At the same time that 50,000 soldiers have been forced to extend their service through the military's "stop-loss" program, Bush wants to cut the size of the Guard and Reserves to their lowest levels in three decades.

The Dead: 2242 in Iraq so far. I just realized I haven't heard much about the death toll in awhile.


giselle said...

hey- it's Bob Woodruff, not Woodward that got injured.

Paul Schmelzer said...

oops. thanks, giselle. fixed.