The Lord "said": Terry Gross interviews Bart Ehrman, whose book Misquoting Jesus examines how the Bible was changed, both accidentally and intentionally, by the scribes who transcribed it by hand. He began his examination of the original texts of the bible while a born-again Christian at Moody Bible Institute, where he started questioning a literal reading of the book; he now considers himself an agnostic.

Ask Pat Robertson to retire: A petition he'll ignore.

Peas in a pod: Like his stateside cohort, Tony Blair's got spying on his mind. He's preparing to overturn a 40-year ban on the tapping of MPs' phones.

"Third-world" firsts: Chile has elected its first female president (and an agnostic, single-mom, socialist one at that) and Liberia has elected Africa's first woman president. And the US hasn't had a woman on the ticket in the last two decades.

Cuba Libre: Cuba has joined a growing list of governments using Linux, the free, open-source operating system.

Deceit, encapsulated.

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