Boozersize Me.

What Morgan Spurlock did with fast food in the film Supersize Me, Nicky Taylor has done with alcohol, and the results aren't pretty. A 39-year old woman, Taylor is the subject of a British documentary in which she is studying the effects of binge drinking. The rules and the results:
Over 30 days, going out five nights a week, Nicky consumed a staggering 516 units of alcohol -- 17.2 units a day. Guidelines say women should drink no more than two or three units a day, and a maximum of 14 a week.

One unit is 8g of alcohol, or a small glass (125ml) of wine, half a pint (284ml) of beer or a pub measure of spirits. But stronger beers may contain 2.5 alcohol units per half pint.

...Her body fat increased from 37.4 per cent to 38.9 per cent, she put on more than 3kg, and her skin became so damaged she had the complexion of a 50-year-old.
Above: Taylor, before and after

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