War bad for recruiting

The fact that soldiers are dying in Iraq—2,135 so far—isn't a good marketing point for Army recruiters. Which is why recruiters in Duluth aren't fond of the sign in a storefront window next door that reads "Iraq. Remember the Fallen Heroes," featuring a changing count of the dead. The sign was put up by a veterans-rights activist, Scott Cameron, who was shot in the back in the Vietnam war. Cameron volunteers for gubernatorial candidate Steve Kelley, whose campaign office is next to the recruiter's office. Army Staff Sgt. Gary Capan says his employees, including a just-returned Iraq vet, Army Staff Sgt. Gary Capan, dislike the sign, which will stay up: "It kind of disturbed her and it is a little unsettling, especially for people wanting to join the military. It makes it so the troops are just a number."

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