Graffiti hackers

Wired runs down a list of high-tech graffiti tools, some, like the Troika SMS projector and a suction-cup subway projector, that have been featured here. Here's "a paintball rifle modded into a point-and-shoot brush":
The gun is mounted on a pan-and-tilt unit that's controlled remotely by a laptop. Software analyzes a digital image and creates a set of coordinates that the device uses to aim and fire ink bullets at three shots per second, essentially turning the paintball gun into a large-scale inkjet printer. De Ponk named the machine PrintBall. Its designs - words, smiley faces, shapes - are primitive. But the co-op hopes to try four-color printing using cyan, yellow, magenta, and black pellets, and eventually wants to take its graffiti bot to the streets.

Word: "Paintball guns are used to simulate war, so we wanted to convert one into a communication weapon," explains a group member who calls himself bnjmn Gaulon.
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