McGee TV

After hearing that the LA County Museum of Art is razing a parking garage that houses a mural by Barry McGee and his late wife Margaret Kilgallen, I dug up an old TV spot I helped create for the Walker Art Center's 1998 exhibition Regards, Barry McGee. It was made pro bono by friends at Planet Propaganda of Madison, Wis. It's a montage of still photos showing details from a mural McGee created for the Walker, set to music (by one of Planet's founders) and ambient street sounds. Since Regards was a temporary exhibition, that mural, too, is no more. So here's your chance to see it.

More at Off-Center. And thanks to Wooster Collective for the link.


Tedsher said...

The premature death of Barry McGee makes the loss of his work particularly disheartening.

Paul Schmelzer said...

I think Barry's alive and well, but his wife Margaret had breast cancer and died in 2001, which is way too soon (she was 33).