Bush wanted to bomb Al-Jazeera

A leaked British memo shows that George W. Bush wanted to bomb the headquarters of Al-Jazeerah, but Tony Blair talked him out of it, according to The Scotsman. Which means, the president wanted to bomb an independent media outlet in Doha, the capital city of Qatar, a key ally of the coalition. Former British defense minister Peter Kilfoyle wants the Downing Street document made public: "If it was the case that President Bush wanted to bomb Al-Jazeera in what is after all a friendly country, it speaks volumes and raises questions about subsequent attacks that took place on the press that wasn't embedded with coalition forces."

Update: As Peek writes (thanks for the link, Evan), targeting civilian institutions—ally or otherwise—violates the Geneva Conventions.


Sandy said...

Well um, I believe it's been pretty well established that Bush could care less about the Geneva Conventions...hint, torture.

However, if he had bombed Qatar that would be pretty obvious. It'd be kinda hard to deny that as he and his henchman, Cheney have done with the torture issues.

Gosh, I love the smell of Bush disintegrating in the morning.

bryan said...

as I commented on Peek (from which I clicked over here), I never thought I could be any more appalled by Bush or his gang of criminals, but now I am. At least when Nixon wanted to bomb the Brookings Institute, he wasn't serious (or at least he knew he couldn't really do it).

Many of us say, with varying degrees of seriousness, that Bush is a sociopath. Now, is there really any doubt?