Breaking: Pot calls kettle black!

Bill "Blind Trust" Frist wants to get his finger on the pulse of the American people with this poll (shown) on his website. The Party of Hope, I'd conclude is supposed to be the one that's home to swindlers like Lewis Libby, Tom DeLay, Elizabeth Dole, Jack Abramoff, and Frist himself, who remains under investigation by the SEC. (Via Atrios.)

[Update: Frist has since removed the aforementioned poll.]

The Party of Ideas that never get a fair hearing: Republican claims that the Dems are obstructive partisans just ain't true, according to Bob Geiger. He's crunched the numbers to find that the GOP rejected a full 80 percent of all Democrat-sponsored legislation: only 24 of 118 bills were "agreed upon."

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