Guns, Florida, "Rabid anti-freedom zealots"

New laws going into effect today allow Floridians to shoot attackers on the street "and face only a minimal risk of prosecution," writes The Independent. The Brady Campaign to Control Gun Violence is running ads in the UK that read:
Thinking about a Florida vacation? Please ensure your family is safe. A new law in the Sunshine State authorises nervous or frightened residents to use deadly force.

In Florida, avoid disputes. Use special caution in arguing with motorists on Florida roads. Police and prosecutors are concerned about the potential for unnecessary violence.
A gun-lobby group ratcheted up the rhetoric by, ahem, firing off a press release entitled, "Brady's Anti-Gun Ad Campaign Is 'Tourist Terrorism,' Says CCRKBA." It reads: "These rabid anti-freedom zealots are ... essentially telling British subjects not to come here because legally-armed American citizens cannot be trusted, and might murder them. The Brady camp simply cannot bring itself to admit that America is safer because its citizens retain and exercise their firearm civil rights."

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