Random bits.

Pop pants: Levi's is enlisting the ghost of Andy Warhol to promote its new $150 to $250 jeans dubbed Warhol Factory X Levi's. They sound perfectly trashy: "The silver jeans will have silver threads and the Levi's logo in silver... The interior will be lined with Warhol images that can be seen when you fold up the cuff... Another pair ...has dollar signs on them, an image Warhol used in his paintings." As trendspotter Irma Zandl writes, "If they stopped trying so hard to be cool, they actually might be more successful."

notmyTunes: The Electronic Frontier Foundation confirms what we already know (and already know how to get around): that digital rights management technology in online music purchases doesn't, as iTunes touts, allow you to "Own it forever and a day." Still, an interesting report: The Customer is Always Wrong: A Users' Guide to DRM in Online Music.

But can it stop IEDs? Proclaiming to make a nearly bulletproof laptop, Hummer has signed a deal with Spokane-based computer manufacturer Itronix, to make a branded laptop for sale only its showrooms. The GM subsidiary will sell two models, for $2,988 and $3,329, respectively.

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