Katrina update.

• Tom DeLay wondered if being a hurricaine victim is "kind of fun." So he asked some of them.

• As Bush works to link Katrina and 9/11 (I wonder if Katrina's victims will get the massive government payout that WTC families got?), the Freedom March is another vehicle in the fake connector between 9/11's victims and the war: when you walk, something you can only do if you pre-register and stay within the fences, you get commemorative military style dogtags.

• Bush loves the poor of New Orleans. Which is probably why he signed an executive order temporarily repealing the minimum wage there. (He must be reading from John Stossel's playbook. The 20/20 correspondent says that "price 'gougers' save lives.")

• As Republican Rep. Richard Baker of Baton Rouge proclaims, "We finally cleaned up public housing in New Orleans. We couldn't do it, but God did," a Florida gated community is refusing to allow its residents to house (most-likely-black) hurricane victims.

• And unlike Dick Cheney (who told Pat Leahy where to stick it on the Senate floor, the guy who told Cheney to "go fuck" himself yesterday--Dr. Ben Marble, an emergency-room MD who lost his house in the hurricane--was allegedly cuffed and detained for his free-speech foray (he tried to sell footage of his voiceover on eBay, but the auction site pulled the plug).

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Glad you're on top of this, Paul. I linked to you in my update on Katrina in Quicksilver. Thanks, K