Training tampons?

As a guy, I often wondered what training bras were training girls for. But now, a weirder question arises: what is Proctor & Gamble thinking coming out with a line of premenstrual tampons? Money, no doubt. Get this:
Almost is a pre-menstrual tampon designed just for you, to help you get ready for what you know is coming. Because it is coming, and you've waited long enough.

Almost™ Premenstrual Tampons come in four fun "flavors"-- so you can be yourself, no matter what.

Almost™ Premenstrual Tampons. Because you're almost there. Period.
Those fun flavors? "Red menace." "Green party." "Blue note." "Orange county." Yeesh.


Jim R said...

It's a spoof. Just look at the site that hosts it.

It's also not on pg.com.

Paul Schmelzer said...

If it's a spoof, it's a good one. But the site it's hosted on is that of Stay Free contributor Jason Torchinsky, who, if I'm not mistaken, is part of the comedy group the Van Gogh-Goghs. Where it's hosted doesn't matter, since in the original post at AlterNet and StayFree (not related to the maxipad maker), the post author says it was leaked (no pun intended) to him. He also says the product is still in the planning stages, so P&G wouldn't have mention of it on their site til it's ready for launch.

The Stay Free post: http://blog.stayfreemagazine.org/2005/08/meet_me_before_.html

Solomon said...

Keep reading the comments on the Stay Free! website; Jason says its a spoof.


Why on earth would anyone want to use a tampon before they even got their periods??? if they are real, scientists will probly find out that the whole generation of girls aged 9-12 in the year X will all have some disorder FROM SHOVING STUFF UP THERE THAT DOSENT NEED TO BE THERE!!!
wtf is with the colours??? "oh look, my tampon is green!" eeewww