Plastic Man.

Thirty plastic surgery procedures and more than $250,000 later, Steve Erhardt seems to have cut away the self-consciousness that comes with physical imperfection. After being the world's first bicep implant recipient, getting a nose job, facelift, eyelid work, a cleft chin, implanted pecs, and even butt implants, he now beams, "I'm content with myself now because I've done everything that bothered me."


While Entertainment Tonight says he looks like a "real-life 'Ken' doll," I'm thinking something along the lines of the animatronic monkeys at Chuck E. Cheese. Or a girl budding into womanhood.


Anonymous said...

Those pecs are, shall we say, indecent...?

Anonymous said...

grrrrrrrrr........ross. ekh.

SSmith said...

The celeb industry aim at teenage girls and gay males to admire the over hyped talentless trash they fill their magazine pages with, as they're often the most insecure and gullible to fall for what they're told to do by promoters.