More on Crawford monster truck.

The attack on the soldiers memorial at Camp Casey was planned: the pickup truck that wiped out 500 crosses, destroying 100, used chains attached to the undercarriage to add to the damage. Antiwar.com reports that the truck had a blow-out and its driver is in custody.

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Anonymous said...

Shh. Listen... Hear that? That's the hue and cry of... America! All those outraged voices, those who belief the cross to be sacred, all those who believe the American flag to be upheld, not squashed under the wheels of an F-150 (see the little flags on each squished cross?), all those who ardently believe that, regardless of political persuasion, memorials to fallen military men and women shouldn't be runt over...

I don't hear it either. Why doesn't anyone seem to give a crap? Or maybe it is there, but I just can't hear it because I'm slapping another 'save our troops' magnet on my SUV. Fwap, fwap.