Michael Naimark at Siggraph

New Media curator Steve Dietz, reflecting on his visit to Siggraph2005 earlier this month, highlights the "interactive and immersive film environments" of Michael Naimark. The piece Displacements sounds fascinating:
Displacements layers the perhaps ur "no place" of a white on white living room with a palimpsest of memories as the computer-controlled projection revolves around the room, illuminating the generic with ersatz fidelity of a family Super 8 movie. The "cheap tricks" - as Naimark refers to them - of someone in the projected film playing the guitair and then hanging it up exactly where it's platonic form rests on the wall signify that this is another show in a long history of spectacular shows. It's magic. At the same time, the quotidian scenes of bringing home groceries, working at the computer, vegging out in the armchair are a cultural memory that does tug, regardless of what you know.

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