Lies (and bodies) piling up.

Minutes from a 2003 British war cabinet meeting leaked to the London Sunday Times reveal that "the US had begun spikes of activity to put pressure on the regime,” directly contradicting earlier claims that ramped up attacks were in response to Iraqi attempts to shoot down allied aircraft. In other news about lying warmongers: more Americans believe George W. Bush to be dishonest than those who believe the opposite (50% to 48%). "The honesty dip is partly caused by a loss of faith in his credibility on Iraq," says Bruce Buchanan, a political scientist at the University of Texas, referring to the war that's killed 2022 coalition troops to date (including 48 American soldiers in the past 12 days) at a cost of $185.5 billion and rising.

Also rising: The number of days since Congress requested an investigation into the Downing Street Memos, leaked earlier, is now at 92.

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