A hell of an ad.

The Hell Pizza billboards have been erected around Auckland and Wellington. Half of the poster is taken up with a photo of the president and the other half has the phrase 'Hell: Too Good For Some Evil Bastards.' Outdoor Advertising New Zealand is reviewing who is behind the boards and whether the Advertising Standards Authority needs to become involved.

Hell's media manager, Matthew Blomfield, says they expected to cause a bit of a stir. He says it is meant to provoke discussion and be a little edgy, instead of bland, boring advertising.

Mr Blomfield is hoping reaction will be balanced between those who find it funny and those who are upset by it.

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Jack Yan said...

The 'Hell has its standards' one usually gets a chuckle from most New Zealanders I ask, but even my liberal friends believe the 'evil bastards' one to be indecent. Not all New Zealanders are this extreme in their thinking, thankfully. Just some misguided people.