Democracy Now! from Camp Casey

As Bush officially makes presidential vacation history today, Amy Goodman does a truly moving show from Camp Casey outside Crawford vacationland. Anyone calling these grieving moms and Iraq vets "shrill" needs to listen to this. Along with the courageous and straightforward Cindy Sheehan, an amazing group of cogent, smart, passionate voices has assembled. And as a Minnesotan, I'm so proud to share a state with Becky Lourey, a state senator whose 41-year old son was killed in his second tour in Iraq, and FBI whistleblower Colleen Rowley.

The program also featured Navy officer Charlie Anderson, who was there when the Iraq invasion began in 2003 had some choice words for his commander in chief:
Right now, the Veterans Administration needs $1 billion just to provide services for the veterans that are going to be entering the system next year. We need $4 billion in the Veterans Administration to be able to provide care for all veterans for a reasonable amount of time, for the veterans that are going to enter from this conflict, as well as those that are seeking treatment from previous conflicts, previous service. And this president seems to be more interested in taking care of a system, the Social Security system, that will not be in crisis for 40 years. The V.A. is in crisis now. We don't need yellow ribbons, we need help, we need jobs. We need health care, we need education. We need the promises that were made to us when we signed our enlistment contract fulfilled.
Truly great radio: listen here.

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