Woman becomes walking pop-up ad: "To build a better future for [her] son," Salt Lake City's Kari Smith took $10,000 from an online casino in exchange for a tattoo of the company's URL on her forehead. Smith auctioned the space on eBay, hoping to put the money toward her son's private school tuition, and bids hadn't topped $1,000 when the Canadian gambling outfit clicked the "buy now" button, ending the auction two days early. While ten grand seems a bit skimpy to me for a face-altering procedure, Smith says, "To everyone else, it seems like a stupid thing to do. To me, $10,000 is like $1 million." Apparently not to everyone else: the casino says it's purchased tattoo space on another forehead, more than 100 arms, legs, chests and backs.


Anonymous said...

thats insane. personaly i wouldnt want my son to know that insteady of working for money like the average american, i was lazy and decied to post a online casino name on my head for cash. yes i would want my son too have a succesful education but t also efects him in many ways. I know i was not know as the kid whose mom had a website on her forehead. this could lead to persecution towards him for the remander of his life, and it may bepresure he cant endure. i am strongly apposed to this action.

Anonymous said...

This woman appears, from what's been reported anyway, to be clinically depressed. I haven't met her, so I can't know for sure.

But seriously, has she never heard of scholarships, grants, and loans? Besides, Golden Palace sounds like the name of a stripjoint. What a terrible way to go through life.

Just plain sad.