Gannon's bus seat: front line of the War on Terror. News fauxporter Jeff Gannon sticks it to the London bombers:
Today's terrorist attacks against innocent citizens in London are stark reminders that the War on Terror is indeed global and ongoing. It makes one wonder what would be happening if the front lines weren't in Baghdad.

I'm going to ride the Washington, DC Metro several times today in symbolic solidarity with our allies in Great Britain and defiance of terrorists and their murderous ideology.
One commenter at Gannon's blog asks, "Will you have any particular destination? Or are you simply planning to ride the train back and forth? How will you let your fellow passengers know that you are there to defy terrorists and are not just an ordinary commuter?" Another suggests, "don't forget to read the want-ads all day to show the terrorists who is boss."

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Anonymous said...

Yo, Jeff, are the front lines in Baghdad? Seems like we've got one long front line that extends from New York to London to Madrid to Bali and beyond....