Barney's next.

It's Barneypalooza at the Walker Art Center these days: they're screening Cremaster 2 the last Saturday of the next three months; the sculptural and photographic elements of the film are on view in the galleries; and plans to screen all five movies (in numbered sequence, not the order of production) are in the works for October. So the announcement of Barney's next work might be of interest to Walker visitors: his new film premiered earlier this month at the 21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art in Kanazawa, Japan. A sibling to Drawing Restraint 7 (in the Walker collection), the new Drawing Restraint 9, is "a 135-minute epic shot in Nagasaki Bay on a Japanese whaling ship and starring the artist himself with his exotic consort, the Icelandic pop music star Björk." Said chanteuse does the soundtrack, a mix of electronic and traditional Japanese music. The film is geographically far-flung from his other recent projects, including a Walker billboard and Carnival float, that linked to the indigenous religions of Salvador in Bahia, Brazil.

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