Spend your green on blue: So you voted blue in the last election, but how are you casting your dollar vote? Buyblue.org analyzes the campaign giving of major corporations so consumers can spend a bit closer to their values. As MarketWatch points out, sometimes a progressive veneer may hide a more conservative core--like the Working Assets Visa card that's backed by MBNA, a huge GOP donor that's given more than $5 million in the past five years. But mostly, corporations are quiet contributors to political parties. Check out Buyblue's company rankings to see what party they endorse:

Among the bluest:
American Apparel
Barnes and Noble
Black & Decker
Caribou Coffee
Jamba Juice
Levi Stauss
Starbucks (!)
LL Bean

Among the reddest:
Ace Hardware
Best Buy
Domino's Pizza
Fruit of the Loom
Kohl's Corporation
Krispy Kreme
Pier 1
JC Penney
Urban Outfitters
(Thanks, Dad.)

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tiny robot said...

Well, I like to shop at Target dispite their icky political leanings. I simply buy a strawberry limeade at 100% blue Sonic afterward to even out the universe, so to speak.