Conyers keeps pushing on Downing St. Memo: White House press secretary Scott McLellan says there's "no need to respond" to a letter by Rep. John Conyers and 88 other members of Congress about a secret 2002 memo that shows the White House was working to "fix" intelligence to justify an invasion of Iraq. Bush has ignored the letter, but Conyers keeps pushing on: he needs 100,000 or more signatories to a petition urging the president to offer an "explanation and answers to questions about whether the President misled Congress into voting for the Iraq war." Sign the petition.

Minnesota loses one more: Minnesota State Senator Becky Lourey, who ran an amazing race for governor in 2002, lost a son—Chief Warrant Officer Matthew Lourey, 41—in the Iraq war, bringing the Minnesota death toll to 22 and the national toll to 1,656—1,449 since Bush urged attackers in Iraq to "Bring 'em on."

Worst Memorial Day headline: How sensitive of the Long Island Press: "Memorial Day Tourists: Bring 'Em On."

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