Wetterling for Senate: The Wetterling name first registered for me my freshman year in college, when a young boy with that last name was abducted--never to be found--just outside the town where I went to college. Jacob's mom went on to become a national leader in programs for children's safety. In 2004, Patty Wetterling lost in her bid for a seat in the House of Representatives to heavily funded Republican and mudslinging rightwinger Mark Kennedy. Now Patty's considering running for the Senate seat to be vacated by progressive Democrat Mark Dayton, and guess who her likely challenger is? Mark Kennedy. The Republican's term is only a few months old and he's already pondering his next social climb? Wetterling is an honorable, competent, multi-talented leader, and I encourage you to support her candidacy financially--early and often. You can bet her opponent will be bankrolled--as he was last time around--by the national GOP and its deep-pocketed corporate pals.

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