From Harry Frankfurt: As there's a minor buzz about Frankfurt's note to me, I should print his recent note in full. To reiterate, I think the professor's essay is great (buy the book). And I appreciate the primer on copyright I've gotten from many sources. He writes:
Dear Mr. Schmelzer,

I've looked at your site, and I have no objection to the excerpt from  my essay that is presented there.  I apologize for any suggestion that  you might have done something improper.  Indeed, I am grateful to you  for the honor that your attention to my work does me.

Harry Frankfurt


Anonymous said...

Now you should get ahold of someone at Boing Boing who is still posting about this as if Frankfurt is some sort of monster. Obvioulsy, the guy was given bad information, and failed to check it out himself before sending out the dunning emails.

Paul Schmelzer said...

Done. Thanks.