'Merican morality: If the US is so gosh-darn generous, so staggeringly moral and good, why did it take two rounds of global ridicule for the world's wealthiest nation to pony up enough money for tsunami aid to surpass the $40 million pricetag for the president's inaugural party? Don't worry, though; the presidential shindig on January 20 won't be paid for by taxpayers--unless you count the $17.3 million in security costs that'll come out of anti-terrorism funds. This inauguration, says Public Citizen's Joan Claybrook, "is bought and paid for by corporate America." Most of the donors are government contractors who have raked in $2.9 billion from the Bush administration last year. And: According to Human Rights Watch, the US can no longer claim the moral high ground on human rights issues either. HRW writes that America's "embrace of coercive interrogation [is] part of a broader betrayal of human rights principles in the name of combating terrorism."

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