Kristof on Cambodia's sex trade: In the first of two columns on sexual slavery in Cambodia (the second appears this Saturday), the New York Times' Nicholas D. Kristof writes:
A year ago, a pimp handed me a quivering teenage girl. Her name was Srey Neth [pictured], and she was one of the hundreds of thousands of teenagers who are enslaved by the sex trafficking industry worldwide.

Then I did something dreadfully unjournalistic: I bought her.

I purchased Srey Neth for $150 and another teenager, Srey Mom, for $203, receiving receipts from the brothel owners. As readers may remember, I then freed the girls and took them back to their villages.

Now I've come back to find out how they coped with freedom.
Read the full story here. And hear Kristof narrate an amazing multimedia presentation on the story here.

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