Seeing Red: Celebrating his reelection, Wisconsin Senator Russ Feingold took a golf trip to what may well be the "reddest spot on the whole map"--Alabama. His reflection from the road trip is published on Salon. A snippet:
Now, some may think that Alabama and Wisconsin are the polar opposites of American politics. But in both states I've found that -- along with sharing a sincere appreciation of a good turkey dinner -- too many hardworking people are losing their battles for decent paying jobs and adequate healthcare. I'm tired of seeing the power-hungry persuade the hardworking people of this country that the only way to preserve important values is to vote against their own families' basic interests. I believe that the working people of both states have sacrificed for other people's agendas for too long. And I believe that any political party or political movement or political candidate who would consistently say this would be heard throughout America.
(Thanks, Ben.)

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