MAD AS ZELL: Remember when the GOP created that cheap-shot ad that called passionate Democrats the Coalition of the Wild-Eyed? Well, perhaps they were right about one Democrat: Zell Miller--whose rabid RNC keynote ripped on the Democrats' "warped way of thinking [that] America is the problem, not the solution" and claimed that cooperating with a UN coalition means "Kerry would let Paris decide when America needs defending"--went apeshit on Hardball's Chris Matthews. He told Matthews to "Get our of my face" and called him "hopeless," right before going all Wild West on 'em:
"I wish I was over there with you where I could get in your face." He also said, "I wish we lived in the day where you could challenge a person to a duel." Later Miller said, "I don't know why I came on this program" and "I think we ought to cancel this interview."
For more fun, read Daily Howler's fact-check of Miller's mistruth-riddled speech.


Anonymous said...

As a "Democrat" ,Zell Miller bashing John Kerry at the Republican convention for "flip-flopping", I can't tell whether "Zell-out" is a "flip" or a "flop" himself.

Anonymous said...

the zell puns are tempting aren't they. mad as zell. what the zell? come zell or high water. the hard zell. in one zell swoop.