Extremist rightwingers: Such strange utterances from rightwingers these days. From Cheney's F-you to Powell's F-ing crazies to falsified slams by swift boat vets, they seem to be losing grip. Add Fox News' Sean Hannity to that ignoble pack. Get this: since 60 Minutes aired both photos of torture at Abu Ghraib and possibly forged documents about Bush's unexplained absences from his Guard duty, Hannity suggests the Iraq prison scandal was drummed up by the Dems.
[T]his woman who also produced -- was the producer who obtained the Abu Ghraib photos. ... [T]he same person that had the Abu Ghraib pictures -- the Abu Ghraib photos is apparently the same one that got these documents. ... Now here's the question. Where did she get all this stuff from? So that could mean that Abu Ghraib -- where did that come from? Was that a DNC plot too?
Peckerwood Pericles: Counterpunch offers a taxonomy of "genus demagogus australis"--aka Zell Miller, the "latest personification of a recurring American archetype: the country-fried demagogue." Key attributes of Zell and his ilk: anti-intellectualism, populism as a mask for oligarchy, frothy religious fervor, and "patriotism as a mask for unfocused belligerence."

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