(Almost) Naked Justice: UK guerilla artist Banksy left London a gift the other night--a 3-ton, $40,000 bronze statue of Justice. Only difference between it and its inspiration--the statue high atop Old Bailey--is that this Justice has her skirt hiked up, revealing a prostitute's thong and thigh-high boots. An attached plaque reads "Trust no one." More on the story here.

More guerilla art: A Canadian artist called Other creates a public art piece of sorts by carving into a park bench then doing woodcut prints off it. He writes of "the fun of being able to leave behind a work of art that someone else can run prints off too....after i get a bunch finished ... i will giving out maps with locations of where the originals can be found and printed off of."

Set the VCR: Tonight's edition of NOW with Bill Moyers addresses art and politics with features on spoken-word artist Sarah Jones, filmmaker John Sayles, and Control Room director Jehane Noujaim.

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