Clear Channel Bomb: Radio and billboard giant Clear Channel is reportedly making Project Billboard alter a billboard design planned to coincide with the Republican National Convention. "An illustration of a cartoonish bomb draped with stars and stripes, accompanied by the words 'Democracy is best taught by example, not by war,'" the billboard was rejected by Clear Channel because of the bomb imagery as well as the phrase "not by war." A more tame image--a flying dove--was approved, but the group, which includes founding member Alice Waters, plans on suing Clear Channel for breach of contract. More at NEWSgrist.

Serra on Abu Ghraib: Sculptor Richard Serra is the latest to offer an interpretation of Abu Ghraib's hooded man, a view that, to me, is more powerful than some of the logolike treatments I've seen. His hasty, art brut-like brushstrokes seem to underscore the visceral power of the image. Serra's piece is available for download. (Thanks, Doryun.)

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